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Jennelle | Black and White Portraits |

Jennelle | Black and White Portraits |


I was waiting such a long time to do this photo shoot. Jennelle wanted to do a black and white photo shoot and I was like I AM SO UP FOR THAT!!! After researching ideas, I wanted to create images that were more dreamlike.  So, the photographs would be grainy, blurred, and so soft.

I am having an awesome time editing these photographs!!! I finally downloaded the VSCO film 1 software and used some…

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Lilly | Portraits |

Lilly | Portraits |


Lilly got addicted…to dying her hair. Dying your hair does become very addictive like tattoos, lol. Totally getting off the subject.   Last month Lilly and her hair stylist, Marisa B, dyed Lilly’s hair to this brilliant purple to pinkish color! They called it Violet Sunset! It was so freaking amazing and I like was WE HAVE TO DO A SHOOT! Lilly and I drove to Lower Park and did the photo shoot…

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Montana Blues | Clothing Company |

Montana Blues | Clothing Company |

photo 1

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of photographing some new products that are going to be released at Montana Blues Clothing Co., a cute little online store that open up a boutique in Chico, CA! I am so excited for them.  Kayla, Maddy, and Edi are absolutely wonderful models and so amazing to work with! I will be posting later this week some photographs from the on location shoot we did…

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Jessica | Themed Shoot |

Jessica | Themed Shoot |


This month, I was finally able to do a photo shoot with the lovely Jessica. It has been a year since we started with this idea of a River Goddess but since our calendars always conflicted with each other, we had to wait. I think it was worth the wait. Jessica is such a wonderful and amazing model! She just posed beautifully for the whole session. I absolutely loved how the prism created the…

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Myah | Portraits |

Myah | Portraits |

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work Myah for a causal photo shoot. This was the first one I did back in Chico in August after being away for month with classes in Monterey. It was so much fun and she was a super cool gal. We roamed around in the tall grass then cooled off in the creek at the end where the light turned golden. 

Enjoy the Photographs: 

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Springer Wedding Preview!

In June,  I photographed my sister’s best friend wedding, (my older sister from another mother as I call her).  Shanna and Alan on a sunny summer day in Oakdale!  It was an absolutely beautiful and intimate  wedding! I loved everything about it. Since I am about half way done editing the photographs from the wedding, I should post a little blog showing some of them. It has been so fun editing…

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Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 5.03.42 PM

I made a little book from the photographs of Evianne! I am so excited!!!  :) I cannot wait to get it next month!!!

I am going to make a few more books from different photo shoots over the summer in August!! Next week, I will be attending a class at CSU Monterey for two weeks so I will be silent for about three weeks after this week!!

If you want to check it out, please feel free to check it out…

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Emily | Classic |

Emily | Classic |


On July 1st, Emily and I did a photo shoot. I had to pay my rent for my apartment so I decided to do a shoot as well. At first, I was going to do the hair and makeup but then Emily was like I can do it. So I did the hair and Emily did her makeup. I think the whole thing turned out well. It was my first time shooting downtown Chico. I usually only go to bidwell park but never downtown. Good…

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Jenna | Baby Portraits |

Jenna | Baby Portraits |


In the beginning of June, I was able to photograph Janel’s baby girl, Jenna. Jenna was about three weeks old! So tiny and cute!!  I was so excited to photograph this little one. Jenna was such a dream during the photo shoot.  :)


facebook_IMG_2392 facebook_IMG_2409 facebook_IMG_2437 facebook_IMG_2456 facebook_IMG_2469 facebook_IMG_2555 facebook_IMG_2558 facebook_IMG_3251

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Evianne | Portraits |

Evianne | Portraits |


Yup, another photo shoot from last week! Evianne was so nice and was able to model for me. Finally getting work done for school. We did a lot of experimenting with the prism, leaves, and weeds from around the location. She was so great and rocked all the poses.


facebook_IMG_4823 facebook_IMG_4879 facebook_IMG_4895 facebook_IMG_4939 facebook_IMG_4941 facebook_IMG_4959 facebook_IMG_4968 facebook_IMG_4983 facebook_IMG_4988 facebook_IMG_4989

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